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At Four Cities, we feel strongly that the impact of technology and software on the global economy remains in its early stages. Major global industries and significant portions of humanity remain structurally unaffected by the digital revolution and the recent emergence of massively disruptive technologies based in biology, new materials, and artificial intelligence/unmanned systems.

There is a massive disconnect between a perception that our recent technological surge is mature and the reality that we are simply at the beginning of fundamental changes in how our global system operates. This perspective benefits long-term investors who are willing to look through cycles and invest across asset classes.

The FourCities Team

Matthew McKnight

Chief Commercial Officer of Ginkgo Bioworks

Prior to Ginkgo, he spent 7 years as an investor at IndUS Growth Partners and was the President and COO of Decision Resources Group, primarily focused on health tech/data and the life sciences industry. Matt has worked supporting business development at Palantir Technologies and is an active seed stage venture investor. Early in his career, he served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps. Matt completed a degree in History at Dartmouth College and is a graduate of the joint degree program at the Harvard Business School and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government where he was a Zuckerman Fellow.

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Louis Beryl

Founder and CEO of Rocketplace, his third venture backed startup.

Previously he founded and was CEO of Earnest, a data science driven lending platform founded to improve the U.S. credit system. Earnest was acquired by Navient in 2017 for $155M and is one of the nation’s largest student loan refinancers today. Louis is a First Round Capital mentor and has spent time as a part-time Partner at Y-Combinator. Prior to Earnest, Louis co-founded SolidEnergy, a battery technology company, and was a Partner at Andreessen Horowitz. Louis is a graduate of Princeton University and the joint degree program at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and the Harvard Business School, where he was a Baker Scholar.

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